Agricultural spraying revolutionized

While most "mainstream" UAV manufacturers add a tank and nozzles to a heavy-load frame, AgroFly proceeds in a revolutionary and innovative way… by doing exactly the opposite!

« AgroFly has crafted and developed a high-precision agricultural sprayer that is driven by UAV-platform »

Our vision: shaping the future of an eco-friendly agricultural sector by applying the right product at the right time at the right place!

Our mission: develop, build and distribute the best agricultural UAV application platforms, eliminate public health threats and respond to the crop protection requirements around the world.

The right product -> bio, biodynamics, synthetic (as per customer need)
At the right time -> fast implementation and operational flexibility
At the right place -> high precision: the product goes to its target, without "waste" or drifts

Scientific assessments, certificates and official approvals

AgroFly holds the only official authorization to apply pesticides by UAVs in Europe!

The AgroFly SpUAV (spraying UAV) has been optimized during more than 18 month.

The following scientific assessments have been carried out and validated by renowned institutes and scientific partners:

Drifts -> ISO 22866
Quality deposit ->
Homogeneity of spraying ->
Downwash assessments ->
Noise signature -> 85 dba at 5 meters (hover)
JKI rating (Germany) -> 50 to 75% drift reduction

Our team is currently working on certification in other countries.

BCVS Innovation Award 2017

Relive the BCVS Innovation Award 2017 gala evening by clicking here (French version only)

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